Six benefits of Search Engine Optimization to Small Businesses

If you’re like most business owners marketing online, you’ve probably thought about searchbenefits-of-Small-Business-SEO engine optimization but you’re not really clear on the ways SEO benefits small businesses like yours.

The fact is, if it were not for search engine optimization the search engines would have a very tough time of doing its job–helping people find what they’re looking for online via search engines.

When boiled down, search engine optimization is simply the process of helping the search engines find your webpages in a more efficient manner.


What this means to your business is if you’re website is not properly search engine optimized, it’s likely your buyers will not find your website and will buy from your fiercest competitors.

The problem is, weeding through all the outrageous claims made by some SEO companies it’s hard for business owners to see the benefits of a GOOD SEO marketing campaign.


The good news is… SEO does not have to be confusing or hard once you understand a few simple SEO concepts and how they can benefit your small business.

So without any further ado, here are  the “6 No-Nonsense Ways SEO Benefits Small Business And How A SEO Company Can Improve Your Bottom line“.


1. Making your web-pages accessible: One of the big benefits of search engine optimization is ensuring your pages are accessible by the search engines and your buyers.

  • First, building incoming links helps your buyers and search engines find your pages by clicking and following links off your site. This is the basis of link building. You should NOT look at link building as a way to only get higher rankings.  Links are created to help you get more qualified traffic to your site. Higher rankings are an extra benefit.
  • Second, an SEO can ensure there are no mistakes in the code of your website. These mistakes can prevent the search engines and your buyers from finding all of the pages on your site.


2. Keywords: Are you using the right words and phrases to attract targeted visitors to your site? Or, are you using industry jargon and words and phrases only those close to your business would understand. Keyword research is the first step in any SEO campaign. A good SEO consultant can help you find the words and phrases your buyers are searching for so you get more targeted traffic and make more sales.


3. Website usability:  Does the design and look of your website add to the enjoyment of your visitor. Does the design of your site hinder the search engines finding your content. A good SEO can help you with this.


4. Website speed:  How fast does your website load? If your website is slow this decreases your user experience. Likewise, the search engines (especially Google) use site speed metrics as a ranking factors. A slow loading site decreases user enjoyment and you’ll be ranked accordingly. A good SEO can give you suggestions and strategies to help speed your site load times.


5.  Proper Website Architecture: A website built using good SEO site architecture allows the search engines to easily crawl your website. You can also block non-essential content that does nothing to increase your rankings or user enjoyment. Pages like your contact or  admin pages can be blocked from the search engines. A good SEO can work with your web-designer and developer to make sure your site is built using proper SEO website architecture.


6. Improved ROI: An SEO can help you track and improve the ROI of your website. They can help you set up A/B split testing, Google analytics, Google webmaster tools and conversion optimization. Figuring out which piece of copy or which Lead Gen offer works the best is a big part of SEO.


So there you have it, 6 ways SEO can benefit small business owners.

As you can see, the right type of SEO is NOT some sort of dark art or snake oil. Search engine optimzation helps everyone enjoy the internet the way it was intended.